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(District Collector From Mattancherry)

A Vision taken forward by a TEAM.
Chat with Smitha Basheer Chief Coordinator ‘Insaan Charitable Trust’ about the project and all about Ansif’s Dream


Millions of people have a habit of constantly giving to the society to support causes that they believe in. Stepping on the happiness path is as simple as spending a little amount. All around the world there are children that do not have the opportunity to have an education and here was a man who wanted to start this initiative at home, within his community. “I want to give back to my community, I have learned the value of helping my community and giving back to those less fortunate”.

Mr Ansif Ashraf realised that most of the students didn’t quite crack the UPSC from this part of the world mainly due to two major reasons. 1) No training centres 2) Lack of Funds. He wanted to use his expertise to help mould them into the profession they wish to pursue.

Things were easy since he was a media Icon and he had contact with the right team. He hired additional staff that specializes in this field to help him achieve his dream of “Mattancherrykku Oru Jilla Collector”. He associated with people who would make sure that the selected students will be well equipped for this great task.


It was during this time, that Ms Smitha Basheer happened to see the video shared by Ansif Ashraf on his fb page which stated his dream project through his Charitable Trust “Insaan”.
Smitha being an active member of various organisations, helped Ansif to reach out to all those aspirants belonging to the backward classes in Mattancherry.

Today we speak to the backbone of this project Ms Smitha Basheer the Chief Coordinator of Insaan Charitable Trust.

Talking about the selection process, Ms Basheer tells us that almost 39 students sent in their applications. After the initial screening, 24 students appeared for the online Scholarship Exam. After that an offline exam was conducted on 15th September 2020 and six were selected and after the final round there were four successful candidates ready to embark on the new journey.

In this two have already attempted the prelims and the other two are in the process of appearing for the prelims soon. In October, 2022 the tests will be on for the next batch selection.

Smitha is all excited and happy to help out these students inspite of her busy schedule. She is currently working as a social media in charge of the CPIM Kochi area. She is also the Treasurer of All India Democratic Women Association Village Committee and the Secretary of Avalidam Club Kochi Corporation coming under Kerala State Youth Welfare Board.

Today, we are left with memories of a Great Visionary – Mr Ansif Ashraf. Though he is not there in our midst, Smitha is confident to take this dream project to its realisation. She assures us that she will make sure that she would be a part of this team and one day she will surely stand tall and proud with Our very own Collector from Mattancherry.


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