CRISL CRICKET ACADEMY- An Initiative enhancing Fitness and sport

    Cricket is not only a Gentleman’s game but also a tool to grow kids into gentlemen. CRISL is actually an abbreviation of Cricket-is-Life, an initiative of former Indian player Robin Singh and former Kerala Ranji Trophy player S. Manoj. They thrive success in sports through four interconnected pillars, which include Physical Fitness, Physical […]

DRIVE IN... To the next film city KOCHI July-August 2022 Cochin Herald Magazine

Anand Malligavad, Lake Conservationist at Bengaluru | Cochin Herald magazine | May-Jun 2022


Talk with Maria Indira, CEO of SPR Perfume Museum Mattancherry ‘A perfume museum’ is something which is not much familiar to Malayalis. Where did you get this unique concept from? All credits to Mr Abdul Rashid, founder of SPR stores and museum. He initiated the concept by taking inspiration from the Perfume museum in France, […]


(District Collector From Mattancherry) A Vision taken forward by a TEAM. Chat with Smitha Basheer Chief Coordinator ‘Insaan Charitable Trust’ about the project and all about Ansif’s Dream   Millions of people have a habit of constantly giving to the society to support causes that they believe in. Stepping on the happiness path is as […]


Kerala’s very own Jeremiah de Rozario is a Singer/Songwriter who finds steady ground in Indie Pop music with hints of folk rock. Jeremiah draws inspiration from life experiences and stories around him and is influenced by the music of Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, Hozier etc. Jeremiah started his journey as an independent musician in 2020 […]


For Sanjay, walls are always his favourite canvas: from his house walls to the streets of Fort Kochi’s walls, he colours it all and considers it his passion. The Cochin Herald team was also captivated by the exquisite wall paintings and wanted to meet the people behind them. And here we are at Dhruva. Akhila […]


Music ‘brings us together’ helping us reflect upon who we are, where we have come from, and what lies ahead.’ The arts and music transcend ‘languages, cultures, and borders’ … and helps ‘exchange ideas and styles and share in the artistic vibrancy born from diverse experiences and traditions.’ -Barack Obama For Fort Kochi music aficionados, […]

GAUD SARASWAT BRAHMINS from Gaya to Mattancherry

-With Rekha Rajmohan   1) Mattancherry is a cultural fusion. Could you elaborate on your background and the integration of konkinis into this culture? Our community belongs to Gaya in Bihar near the Saraswati River. Since we lived near the Saraswati River basins we came to be known as the Gaud Saraswat Brahmins (GSB). Once […]


“Panineer Pookal” the most melodious song of the year 2016 from the Movie ‘Action Hero Biju’ saw the composer, conductor and award-winning music director Jerry Amaldev back in ‘action’. He entered Mollywood in the year 1979 and for the next two decades his soulful, melodious and evergreen music began to enchant the music lovers all […]