Hit or Miss

Yellowstone prequel 1883 rips the rose-colored veneer off of frontier stories

The history of the American west has long been romanticized, with frontier tales centering a noble and stoic hero who’s just rough around the edges. Taylor Sheridan’s new Paramount+ series, 1883, rips the veneer off this rosy outlook and provides a raw, brutal, and riveting portrayal of what traveling west might truly have been like. The […]

Spider-Man takes on a cross-franchise rogues gallery in the greatest-hits sequel No Way Home

With each passing year, the Spider-Man movies directed by Sam Raimi look more and more like glorious anomalies. To watch them today is to stare into a whole other dimension of soulfully eccentric comic-book adaptations. Among the various out-of-vogue pleasures of Raimi’s Spider-Man films (especially the first two) are wonderfully hammy villains played by world-class actors. The CGI may now appear […]