Citizen Journo


Visitors who pause to enjoy the cool sea breeze on the landing atop a flight of stairs leading to Lantian Xie’s installation at Aspinwall House are often startled by an angry bark. Only there’s no dog and no follow-up barking. The sound is part of the artwork titled Ceiling Fans, stray dog barking, Burj Ali […]

Poorvi – Abode of Art

SEVENTH CENTURY LITERARY CRITIC BHAMAHAN SAYS, ART GIVES US FAME AND WEALTH, BECAUSE CREATIVE WORKS WILL BE CHERISHED UNDYINGLY. “Kavyam yasase arthakruthe Vyavaharavithe Sivetharakshaye Sadya: paranirvruthaye Kantha samvithathayopadeshayuje” Art helps us understand the ways of the world and it removes anything that is not auspicious in us. Art bestows eternal bliss without any delay and […]