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A Tooth Fairy On The Ramp

Meet orthodontist Dr Alina Thomas who mends smiles and sashays on the ramp with elan, proving that professional life and passion can be balanced effortlessly


– Deepika Jayaram

Very few people have oodles of talent, good looks, the zest to achieve their goals and do it with panache. Dr Alina Thomas belongs to that rare clan as she knows no boundaries and the horizon just keeps getting wider and better. When one looks at her life and the realms she has scaled, it is evident that she has always embraced the lines, ‘to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield’, with all her heart. A dedicated orthodontist, she has always believed that irregularities of any form or in the experiences that life offers can be rectified.

A dedicated doctor, Alina was equally charmed by the fashion world and forayed into it. For this mother of a two-year-old kid, sashaying on countless runways is as easy as wielding a scaler or dental drill. With equal elan she straddles two careers – one where she sculpts beautiful faces, providing a service to people and the other where her talents and good looks scorch the ramp.

As a medico, Alina was not one to be immersed in books all the time. In fact, she paid equal attention to honing her skills, be it in acting, dancing or craft. She says with stars in her eyes, “I always wanted to be a doctor but the allure of the fashion industry never stopped appealing to me.”

It was soon after school that she was mesmerised by the fashion world and tried her hand at designing attire. That passion for fashion soon led her to the ramp. But the journey, however, was a step-by-step process. “I started with anchoring stage shows, and looking at how determined I was, a few acquaintances suggested that I take part in beauty pageants. That’s when the opportunity for Mrs Kerala came my way,” she tells Cochin Herald with a smile. As a young medico, she also took part in shoots for various ads. Walking down memory lane, Alina recalls how she dreamt of emceeing events while doing her graduation in KVG Dental College, in Mangaluru in Karnataka and postgraduation in Kannur Dental College.

For Dr Alina, who is now practising in Kochi, nothing could stop her from achieving her dreams as she made sure there was no compromise on hard work and perseverance, so as to expand her portfolio as a model and pursue her dental profession as well.

Having anchored several stage shows and appearing in multiple pageants, she let go of no opportunity. One pageant after another, the feathers in her cap kept on increasing. After sashaying to the final round of Mrs Kerala 2019-2020 last year, she has also made it to the final round of Mrs India Mangalyam and Mrs Kairali likely to be held in the coming few months.

Her portfolio also includes fashion shows organised by the Kerala Fashion League and Vikas Fashions, among many others. On the ramp, she exudes elegance and poise, leaving the audience amazed. “I have always loved seeing ramp walks and was quite excited when I got to do one myself. And, as Mrs Kerala’s ramp was choreographed by the famous Dalu Krishnadas, I had a glorious session, matched to perfection there.”

She also goes on to say how she has developed a sense of fashion. “I like mix and match, when it comes to costumes and accessories. Fashion has always been what suits me best rather than blindly following the trends.”

So, how does she manage to keep ‘fit and fab’? “I used to hit the gym for workouts often and practice zumba for at least four days. Now that lockdown has kept us indoors, I plan workouts and ensure to do the same by following videos. I also go by a strict diet every day and eat only low-calorie food.”

Alina often gets offers from the advertisement industry and has a few short films in the pipeline. She is now eyeing tinsel town to put her acting skills to the test and is equally inspired by Mollywood actors Manju Warrier and Asha Sharath.

On the personal front, she is the better half of Majesh Mathew, who is a US-based successful Naval architect, and the doting mom of Eva Majesh And yet, it doesn’t seem even slightly daunting for her to juggle these roles. All it requires is a bit of fine-tuning, she says with a smile. When she is not wearing the white coat or doing the catwalk, Alina loves to hit the road on the motorbike with her husband. “When all this is over, I want to go on a solo trip, first to Rajasthan. I have always been interested in places that are rich in tradition and have a historical value of its own.”

With the right mix of beauty, talent and intelligence, Alina’s achievements are proof that if there is determination, only the sky is the limit.


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All stories by: Cochin Herald