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Jasim Eisa Al Baloushi – The “MARTYR”

Jasim Eisa Al Baloushi, the fire fighter at Dubai International Airport who died while tackling the flaming Emirates flight which crash landed at Dubai airport early this month is considered a “martyr”. This was so, especially because of the fact that he has sacrificed his life in a bid to ‘save and protect’ the lives of the passengers.

Jasim Eisa Al Baloushi was part of the Civil Defence force containing the situation after flight EK521 from India crash-landed at Dubai International Airport.

There were 300 people on board, most of them Indians, 24 Britons, 11 persons from the United Arab Emirates and an 18 member crew and the entire people were evacuated safely from the aircraft. According to Emirates Chairman and Chief Executive, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the fire fighter Jasim Eisa lost his life while extinguishing the fire.

The brave fire fighter Jasim Eisa, sustained fatal injuries while helping to extinguish the flames during rescue operations, says official reports from Dubai. His valiant efforts, however, were not in vain, as everyone on board escaped from the burning jet alive— including 282 fliers and 18 cabin staff.

As soon as everyone was evacuated, the aircraft exploded and burst into flames and Al- Baloushi was unfortunately caught in the blaze. Infact, his sacrifice has touched so many lives and provided a shining example of selfless service to humanity. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save people unknown to him and he deserves to be remembered as a worthy and courageous human being. He was a very special person and that he will forever be respected and loved by many people around the world.

The Arab national Jasim Eisa Al Baloushi, from Ras Al – Khaimah is being heralded as a hero for saving the passengers and the crew of the Emirates plane that crash landed at the Dubai International Airport on 3rd August. A day after the tragic incident, officials from the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) paid rich tribute to the fallen hero’s “ultimate sacrifice.” “We are however, very sad to announce that one of the fire fighters lost his life while saving the lives of the others,” the GCAA said.

The General Civil Aviation Authority, extended its heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family,” the aviation group added. This official statement itself can be considered a recognition to Jasim Eisa Al Baloushi for the selfless services he has rendere “The Pilot and the First Officer have over 7,000 hours of flying experience”, says Emirates officials.

The Emirates crew, infact deserve applause for getting all the passengers out of the burning aircraft. It was their professionalism, expertise and selflessness which has saved the lives of all those on board the Emirates flight. The aircraft is sitting on the ground without its landing gear, but it is not clear why the wheels were not down.

Some reports suggest the crew were making a normal, rather than an emergency approach, when air traffic controllers told them to abandon the landing and start climbing again, for unknown reasons.

Meanwhile, an Aviation expert Anthony Davis, raised concerns over how the plane came to crash-land and speculated that operational error could have been the cause. “It is good that the crew got everybody off the plane, but a Boeing 777 has been written off,” he added.

As is usual, following a big accident, there are lots of unconfirmed reports out there speculating about what happened. The answers should come out in the next few days. Whatever the cause may be, it is a testament to the crew that they got everyone off the plane and saved the lives.

According to reports, the GCAA is working closely with Emirates and Dubai International Airport to find out the real cause of the crash. It has now emerged that the Emirates plane had aborted its landing seconds before smashing into the runway. Air traffic control reports now reveal that Flight EK521 had been on its final approach to the airport, when it aborted its landing. It attempted to ‘go-around’ – meaning to carry out a second attempt at landing.

However, instead of climbing height to begin a new approach, it instead touched down on the runway and burst into flames. There are now questions which needs to be answered as to why the plane’s landing gear appeared to have not been lowered as it came into land.

Actually, “the crew, especially the Pilot and the First Officer should be appreciated for not giving any room for panic and evacuating all the passengers from the aircraft” so quickly, rather say within a span of just 90 seconds. In fact, it is their presence of mind that avoided a big disaster which otherwise would have claimed the lives of all those on board.
Flight EK521, direct from Thiruvananthapuram to Dubai, is very much popular among hundreds of thousands of Keralites who work in the Gulf region.

Emirates is the Middle East’s biggest airline, and has an excellent safety record. It ranked seventh amongst the world’s safest airlines, according to a survey by

Dubai International Airport is a major transport hub, one of the world’s busiest for international passengers.

UAE Rulers Condole Jasim’s Death
The Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has extended condolences to the family of martyr Jasim Eisa Al Baloushi. Who died on duty while putting out the fire that broke out on the Emirate Airlines plane at Dubai International Airport on 3rd August.

During a visit to the mourning majlis in Kharran area, Shaikh Mohammad expressed heartfelt sympathy and prayed to Allah Almighty to rest his soul in Paradise and bless his family with patience and solace. The Ruler was accompanied by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Shaikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chairman Emirates Group, and Khalifa Saeed Sulaiman, Director-General of the Protocol and Hospitality Department in Dubai.


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