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Eram Group hands-over the hi-tech children’s clinic in Mankara

In Mankara, an all-new hi-tech children’s clinic is ready for leisure and recreation. Gone are the days when the pain of the needles is going to make the kids cry for hours. Now the Mankara Government Hospital boasts a brand new play area with swings, playground and carpeted greenery which is sure to distract any child from the agony.

In a move to create a much better infrastructure to replace the badly maintained kid’s medical facility in Mankara, the Eram Group came forward with this venture. The independently built clinic and the property will be handed over to the government on October 31 in a small function organized here.

It may be for the first time that a children’s clinic would be constructed by a private individual or institution I the state.

Built to provide a calm and peaceful environment for the children the beautiful and compact building is suitable for multiple usages. The floors and walls are decorated with multi-coloured tiles and soothing paint. The facility has wooden doors, six rooms including a large living room, a storeroom and a kitchen.

The above-mentioned building is a treatment centre for children in Mankara in Palakkad district. There are other things that can be used to care for the kids here.

Eram Group, as part of their social reach to the society of Mankara, came forward with this concept with the help of Mankara panchayat officials. The idea was conceived as part of the reinforcement of the action plans initiated by the government to provide shelter in the service sector. The group was prepared for such a venture seeing the inconvenience and limitation of the Primary Health Center at Mankara.

The agreement was set up in 2015 with the panchayat for the clinic. The consent for the clinic was sought by the panchayat to include private investment in the government sector. Dr. Siddeek Ahmed, Chairman of the Eram Group, volunteered for the project when such a proposal was put forward.

The crucial plan of the clinic was prepared and constructed by expert architects under the Eram Group.

Following the inclusion of Mankara Primary Health Centre into the “Aardram Mission” program this year, the health centre is undergoing renovation too. At present, two doctors are serving in Mankara. Once the children’s section is up and running, a paediatrician will also be included in the service here.

The Children’s Care Center is set up next to the Primary Health Center. This will be a great relief for the sick, senior citizens and pregnant women. The clinic also has special resting room for pregnant and elderly people.

A native of Mankara Dr. Siddeek Ahmed, chairman and managing director of the Eram Group of Companies, has built a new section in memorial to his late mother Maryumma. The clinic will be renamed as “Maryumma Memorial Child Clinic” in her memory.

Dr. Siddeek Ahmed said that the hospital for the children was encouraged by the fact that his mother was a loving and caring person, who loved children very much. He said that love and compassion for fellow beings are just a few of the good things that his mother taught.

Apart from the treatments, the children will be taken good care of. The hospital consists of an office, a recreational room, general ward for children, lab, a blood observation room and collection room, injection room and doctor’s examination room.

Minister A. K. Balan, Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes  and Backward Classes, Law, Culture and Parliamentary Affairs, will inaugurate the hospital building on October 31, 2017. The MoU will be jointly handed over to the government by Dr Siddeek Ahmed and P.A. Aboobacker, Chairman of ITL Group.


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