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Boxing and beyond

Commitment and focus are personality traits that ensure that an individual travels far in life. These abilities are crucial for sportspersons and no less vital in the world of business.

K. S. Vinod, a young and acclaimed bodybuilder-turned-businessman is a home grown hero. His bio is as impressive as any you may have seen. K. S. Vinod first grabbed eyeballs for his feats as a bodybuilder. He has many titles to show for the brief three years he spent competing. He maintains that the stamina and physique of his trainer Mr. Manjeeth Singh, who was himself a Mr. India title holder, prompted him to take up body building. It is indeed impressive to note that he was awarded the Mr. Kerala, Mr. South India, and Junior Mr. India titles, all before the age of 21.

Having made his mark as a bodybuilder, he turned his attention to other pursuits. He owes his entry into the field of business to the guidance provided by Dr. K. Varghese, Founder Director of the Toc H Institutions and Mr. Abraham Thomas, a chartered accountant and the director of Toc H Public School. The unwavering focus and dedication that helped this young man to leave his competitors far behind, held him in good stead while he learnt the ropes of business.

He started his first business venture by setting up Golden Winds, a land development company, in 2006. The firm has many large scale and prestigious projects to its credit. They have successfully completed and handed over the Toc-H school project, the Delhi Engineering College, Gurgaon and Golden Wind beach resort, Mararikulam and the like.

His meeting with the CEO and Managing Director of Geo Group, Mr. N. V. George, changed the course of his life. A consummate businessman, Mr. George is a popular figure in the Middle East and also a Director on the board of CIAL. Impressed with the track record of Golden Winds, he joined the company as a Director, taking it to new heights.

Besides running the operations of the Golden Winds, Mr. Vinod also functions as the coordinator for Geo Group’s’ projects in India. Currently, the company is engaged in setting up an old age home in Nedumbassery and converting the famed theatre of yesteryears, the Ragam in Thrissur, into a premium multiplex.

A man of humble beginnings, Mr. Vinod, strongly believes in giving back to the community. He has long been associated with Adv. K. V. Sabu and Mr. Jose Maveli and the Jena Seva Shishubhavan, a charitable orphanage. Mr. Vinod supports the various sports initiatives undertaken by the orphanage by sharing his knowledge on training and other related topics. He was presented the Charity Award by the Jena Seva Shishubhavan for his continued and valuable contribution.

His active involvement with the Human Rights Foundation, a registered national body that brings human rights violations to the notice of the concerned authorities, brings him immense satisfaction. As the elected Vice President of the organisation since 2014, he continues to ensure that the basic rights of the ordinary citizen are upheld under all circumstances.

Another organisation that Mr. Vinod patronizes is the Indian Christian Movement. He is proud to be associated with their efforts to promote world peace and understanding among people from all walks of life. The programmes undertaken to motivate the youth are especially dear to him. The ICM has bestowed the Young Businessman Award on him for his excellent track record and business achievements.

In spite of running a flourishing business or maybe thanks to it, Mr. Vinod is well aware of the toll that long hours of sitting, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle can have on one’s health. His latest venture, in partnership with Mr. N. V. George, the Title Boxing Club in Kadavanthra, is an effort to encourage a more physically active and healthy lifestyle among Kochites.

The state of the art facility is at par with the best boxing facilities in the world! And those adjectives are not mere marketing spiel. The TBC is only the second boxing training facility in the country, which is licensed and affiliated to the World Boxing Organisation.

Mr. Vinod reiterates that anything related to sports is not simply a ‘commercial’ project for him. It is his way of contributing to a healthy society. He urges everyone to at least experiment with some form of physical activity. The training offered at TBC includes yoga, old boxing, cardio boxing, Krav Magra (the Israeli form of self defence), kick boxing, and the like which is aimed at building stamina, strength, positive energy, courage and better coordination skills for the layperson. There is something here for people of all age groups. In fact, the TBC encourages family memberships, so that the young and old reap the benefits of physical training.

As the secretary of Kerala Professional Boxing and Kerala Kick Boxing Association, Mr. Vinod plays a significant role in promoting the sport. The Title Boxing Club is gearing up to sponsor two boxers for the upcoming WBO Championship to be held in Mumbai. Mr. Vijayendra Singh, the WBO Asia-Pacific Champion, will be defending his title at the event.

Other mega projects are lining up too. Besides the upcoming airport project in Haryana, which is a PPP venture, plans are underway to open Title Boxing Club in other districts of Kerala and in the Middle East.

With a disciplined approach and steadfast determination, this young man has found a fine balance between his business ventures and philanthropic spirit. There is much to look forward to from this champion in the coming years.


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All stories by: Cochin Herald