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Joseph Tomy – Prized possession

Gold, the precious yellow metal has always been considered the purview of the fairer sex, the third generation of the V J Joseph Jewellery, Cherthala contemplatively agrees. Joseph Tomy, has every intention of taking his family business to new heights. Having done his Jewellery Design and Management from Manipal University, he is now learning the ropes of running a successful business from his father.

His stint with Reliance Jewels, before re-joining the family fold, gave him valuable corporate exposure. Joseph is pleased that he has been able to streamline and strengthen many facets of the business by applying what he learnt in college and while working in Bangalore. Learning design has given him a definite advantage. He finds it easy to translate a client’s vision or idea into an actual piece of jewellery. Joseph agrees that he enjoys the challenge, but designing glittering masterpieces in gold is not his only passion.

Asked where else his heart lies he points to his car. Joseph says that automobiles have always fascinated him. Before he got his first car, scooters and bikes held his attention. As long as it had wheels and could go fast, he was happy.

He turns talkative when mentioning his current pride and joy – a Volkswagen Polo GT TSI. With a petrol Turbo engine, the car has been beefed up to something drool-worthy. While most people give importance to any one aspect of the automobile, such as aesthetics, performance or functionality, Joseph has gone in for an all-encompassing upgrade. It’s probably the amalgamation of his training in design and business acumen that has prompted him to take such a course.

Almost every feature and facet has been improved upon. The young man has put in a lot of thought into the changes he has made. While a majority of the cars are lowered to enhance their looks, Joseph has refrained from doing so. He believes that our roads are not suitable for such a modification. The Tein Street Basis suspension makes his car a dream to handle. During all the alterations and adaptations, he has never lost sight of the fact that the car should perform at its best on Indian roads.

Tyres and alloys are the easiest things to replace and he has gone in for 205 45R 17 wide tyres, which means the car handles beautifully on and off the highways. Then, of course there are the bumpers. Joseph’s Polo GT TSI is fitted with custom-made side and back bumpers and a R-line bumper in the front. Imported break lights are another feature that initially lures the eye. Playing around with the exhaust, he has factored in both decorum and the occasional need to let go. The dual exhaust, he smiles, and the butterfly mechanism allow him to go by discreetly or create a bit of noise, if he so chooses. The down pipe is from Magna Flow.

Of course, he has had a remap done, Joseph states. But, he hasn’t stopped there. His Polo GT TSI today sports it’s third air intake system. The first, he rues, drew in a lot of dust. Unhappy with it he changed, but chose to change it again. The latest device seems to have met with his exacting standards. The K&N 57 S, imported from UK, seems to be the right fit. The air channel conforms to Euro specs. The device pulls in air from the outside and not from under the hood and around the engine. This ensures fresh air as opposed to hot air coming into the vehicle. The system also ensures that no water gets condensed and collected inside the air filter, thus, enhancing its life and performance. He has also had the VCDS tweaked to his liking.

On the inside, the car is fitted with a GTI steering. Black and red leather seats from Vanquish add to the dramatic effect. A customised and fully integrated Android system functions from the dashboard. Hands-free operations mean safety and convenience. A state of the art tyre pressure monitoring system has been incorporated allowing him to keep a close eye on the functioning of the vehicle.

Most of the mods were carried out by Galaxy, Edappally, and the remap at Code 6. He is more than happy with the results. Joseph averages about forty thousand kilometres a year. He proudly states that his car gives him a mileage of about 20 km to a litre. He believes that this is a result of sensible modifications and his restraint from going over the top.

The fully automatic sunroof is a fun addition. Fun has also been taken seriously by this young lad. The reverse camera is fitted into the logo on the boot. He chuckles, when the car is put into reverse gear, the logo turns up and the camera comes out! The back wipers automatically swing into action, if the car is put into reverse while they are on.

Is all this merely for fun? Joseph quietly voices his desire to enter the field of automobile racing. But, it is a tough and competitive field that requires discipline and dedication.

A consummate foodie, he never passes up a chance to sample new food. Now, in preparation for his race debut, he is on a strict diet. Though he does not ‘look’ it, the youngster holds a red belt in taekwondo.

The race-enthusiast and jewellery businessman are just different facets of the same person, he states. People buy gold not only as an investment but also because it appeals to them on a personal or aesthetic level. It’s got a lot to do with passion and sheer love for a thing of beauty.


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All stories by: Cochin Herald