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Making a better World – C. Prince

C Prince, a native of Vakathanam in Kottayam district, is the managing director of Gulf Eco Friendly Services LLC. It was his passion for eco-friendly approach and techniques to everyday life that inspired him to launch Gulf Eco Friendly Services LLC in 2009. Initially starting out as an Operation and Maintenance Contractor for Sewage Treatment Plants, the company is today the main contractor for some of the largest STP’s in the Emirate of Sharjah. Gulf Eco has also emerged as one of the top contractors for water, oil and other pipeline works in various locations in the UAE. Gulf Eco is dedicated in carrying out sewage and water treatment plant projects with its expertise to deliver and exceed clients’ expectations.
The major services offered by GEFS are electromechanical works, water pipeline installation works, STP operation and maintenance; designing, assembling of desalination plant and eco-friendly roads (Green road). A further initiative on going green is the first patented eco-friendly road laying technique in the Middle East- Duralay Roads. This not only uses ecofriendly techniques and constituents but has a faster turnaround as compared to conventional road-laying. Understanding the need for proper health and safety at workplace and homes, C Prince has also initiated a well appreciated technical institute allowing entities to understand and imbibe the latest health and safety procedures for a safer working domain- whether at home, office or industrial sites. C Prince, a BE Electronics degree holder, was born to Cheriyavadayil C J Emmanuel, a businessman, and Mariakutty, a home maker.

He came to Dubai in 2000 and joined a private company as a sales executive. In 2002, he joined Al Afif Building Material Company as Business Development Manager, where he worked for seven years. Prince started his first venture, American Services Centre, in 2008 with a focus on quality brand of building materials visible for the UAE construction market. Five years on and American Service Centre continues to deliver and market its powerful, professional and reliable products to a number of clients all over the GCC.

The other companies under C Prince are Al Baree Building Contracting Co LLC, Allen Electrical Services LLC and Delta International Engineering LLC. Altogether, the companies have around 200 employees. As a young entrepreneur, C Prince has proven his proficiency in business, technology and innovation, collaborating with international business partners and aims at maximizing significant investment returns for his companies. Emphasizing on his strong leadership and an innovative but practical approach to problem-solving, C Prince has gained outstanding and efficient ability, enabling him to disseminate complex ideas and concepts while working effectively with different people, cultures and values. in 2003, prince received the top three awards from the sharjah Government in Civil category. he is an executive committee member of ajman indian association.

His other interests are cricket and football.Prince is married to Sujatha Prince, former operations manager of Trofina Foods. The couple has three children- Allen Prince, a 9th standard student at Our Own English School, Ajman, Abel Prince, a 6th standard student at the same school, and Alena Prince, a toddler On an exclusive interview with Cochin Herald, Prince spoke about Gulf Eco Friendly Services (GEFS)— the leading wastewater treatment technology company in the Middle East and a reputed contractor for some of the largest STPs in the third emirate of theUnited Arab Emirates – Sharjah.

When did you enter into the field of business and how did you come across such an idea?
Unlike other individuals, I dreamt of doing something unique. I believe and trust that my involvement, relationship with people in different fields has contributed to this idea of creating a company that supports Environmental Awareness.

Is it a family or partnership business or are you running it alone and what is your role in it?
Its’ partnership business and I’m in control of the whole operations of the company.

Where is your firm head quartered at and how many branches do you have?
GEFS is headquartered in Ajman with branch offices in SAIF Zone and Industrial area.

Do you have any branches in any other part of the world or are you confined to one location only?
No, currently we are not concentrating in other part of the world, but will be surely spreading as the business demands.

Is it the first business that you have started or have you tried any other type of business before entering into it.?
Before setting up this company, I have been managing a trading company and have a hand on experience in the business I’m into.

Have you ever worked in any other firm before entering into this business?
I have been working as a Business Development Manager for various companies in UAE before entering into this business.

What are the various types of projects that you have undertaken so far and how does it work?
GEFS has been involved in various projects till date.We are handling various projects in the emirates of Sharjah, Dubai and Ajman. Our Projects Division caters to our Clients’ requirements such as Pipeline works, Construction, Fabrication, Operation and Maintenance.

Do you have any major competitors in the field of business?
Yes, there are many competitors today. In GEFS we don’t look them as competitors since we believe that each company has its own uniqueness and capabilities to offer which makes them different from other. I urge my people to focus on their work because our only uniqueness will be the quality of work and service we provide.

Have you ever faced any challenges during the course of running this business?
Every single day brings us new challenges. But with my team its possible for me to win all the challenges. We share the same passion and when we’re surrounded with people who work together for one goal all challenges stand for good of the company. It’s not only me who strives for the success of the company , it’s my team along with me who takes it to a higher level .

What prospects do you see in the business during the coming years or do you have any expansion programmeduring the coming years?
We are welcoming new business in the coming years with new clients . We hope to add more Clients in this coming year.

When did you start the contracting business for major stp’s in sharjah ?
We started our first STP plant in 2011 at Saif Zone.

Do you have any plan to enter into such activities in other emirates of uae or in other countries in the near future?
Yes, we do have plans to operate in other emirates yet there are certain requirements in other Emirates which we have to fulfill as this would be a long time plan.

Are you doing it for the governmental organizations alone or for the private companies as well?
We do have private companies as well as Government clients.

How do you manage to keep the maintenance cost low?
For STP and RO plants it is difficult to schedule the maintenance cost low, however our operators follow a preventive maintenance program in each plant. Operators at our plants submit a daily monitoring checklist that aids them in early detection of any machine, pump or parts abnormal function.

Does the chemicals that are used in the waste water treatment process have any negative impact on the health of the people?
In Waste water treatment plant, treated water is mainly use for irrigation purpose. It has no negative impact on the people’s health as the water is not used for consumption.

How did you enter into this business, i.e. what envisaged you to enter into such a business ?
I wanted to establish a company, one that can stand the rest of time. My perception of success does not count on the numbers of projects we have, nor the branches we have established but it’s the growing number of people employed by GEFS till date. We started this company with less than 10 employees in the start and now it has exceeded to more than 200 personnel. As I think about it, I know I made the right decision and the type of business we are into makes our GEFS as a whole.

Have you ever come across any problems of health or safety, during the period of service?
We have not faced any kind of serious issues as all our workers are equipped with proper safety equipment’s for each project they are assigned to. Project sites have daily risk assessment meeting before they proceed with their works. Work safety measures are strictly followed at each project.

What are the safety precautions that have been taken by you and to what extent have it been successful ?
We conform to clients’ project safety requirements. We have been successful in each project as we have maintained our safety measures always.


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