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Omana Shop: Retailer of Finest Tableware in Town:

Everyone knows the importance of using crockery in everyday life. In fact crockery is an essential product that is used in the home and in the workplace. One can buy crockery from an array of shops in the high street or online. It could range from plates and bowls, to cups and saucers- it is clear that crockery will always be needed.

Recent years have seen a relaxation in decor. This novelty in crockery has prompted a new age of mindfulness. Current crockery trends are defined by care and craft. The emphasis of texture and even acoustics of cutlery against is becoming ever-more important. The trend also fits within a broader move toward personalization and localism.

Just as lighting can be used to create an ambiance, tableware too can be used to set the mood. As the saying goes, “The first bite is with the eye”, every crockery brings within sheen of beauty. Once, durable white porcelain ruled and table decor reflected the traditions of the cuisine on offer, but now, a plethora of new colours, shapes, materials and textures is vying around. The latest crockery trends are all about muted hues and asymmetric designs. Cool, contemporary colours include ‘natural’, ‘Nordic’ greys, off-whites and faded pastels, such as Ice, the Dudson’s Evo line of pale-blue coupe and flat plates styled like hand-thrown pottery. Omana shop is one of the finest retailer in tableware available in the Town which displays latest trends in the market.

Omana Shop:

Omana Shop was founded in 1939 by Mr. P.V. Udupp, a trader from Kunnamkulam, Trissur. Mr. P.U. Jose, his second son at the age of 15, took over the reins of the shop from his dad. From a meagre stationery store, Mr. Jose developed it to be one of the most prominent crockery and glassware store for retail and wholesale in the state. With the success of Omana Shop, Mr. Jose started a distributing firm under the name JNB marketing in 1994.

Omana Shop is a pioneer in wholesale of crockery, glassware and households items. Established in 1939, in the Broadway Market (Cochin) as a retail counter, Omana Shop has since then expanded its business into wholesale and distribution of world renowned brands such as elle(USA),Pyrex(USA),Corningware (France), Atlasware, Cello, Tokyoplast ,OCEAN(Thailand) and much more.


Omana shop involves distribution and retail of crockery which provides its services in hospitality and home kitchen decor. From comprehensive dinner sets to hand-painted ceramic bowls and dinner plates, Omana shop has everything under its roof to match one’s taste. Be it the floral patterned dinner plates, modern-day melamines, quaint ethnic ceramics and much more, this retail shop just transforms the dining experience to make it lively by finding the perfect sets to match the needs.

From humble beginnings to great turnovers:

The life of an entrepreneur is no rosy path to walk. Mr. Deepak’s struggle story sets a perfect plot for his entrepreneurial journey. The entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Poulose Jose Deepak, MD of Omana Shop, is nothing short of inspiring and proving one fact that everything is possible, if you have the will to accomplish it. His investment in Omana shop never went wrong and today he proudly manages this franchise which has become a renowned brand.

After completing his school education from Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Cochin, Mr. Deepak relocated to Chennai, to pursue his graduation in Commerce and Entrepreneurship from Loyola College. Upon completion of his course, he took up the huge responsibility, and wore the cape of Managing Director of both Omana Shop and JNB Marketing India Private Limited.

At the age of 21, he had to take over the company, whose losses where thrice the turnover. This was the time, when the company had lost all of major brands since the demise of Mr. P.U Jose in 2011.Bringing back the company and restoring its goodwill was something that had to be done initially. Proactively, Mr. Deepak along with the management decided to bring down area of distribution and focused more on the brands they had in those areas. They reignited the business flame with a glass brand called Ocean. And since then, they have turned over rocks and have aced their name as the distributors of leading brands such as Pinnacle, Dataceramics, Jyothi, Crystaldarque, Corelle, Pyrex, Corningware, Ocean glass, Atlasware, Tefal, Cello and Pigeon.

About JNB:

JNB Marketing India Private Limited is a distribution house that distributes leading brands of the world and India. It was founded in 1994 and has branched out to more than 600 stores across Kerala.

JNB Marketing India Private Limited is classified as a non-government company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Ernakulam. It is involved in Retail trade not in stores. Directors of JNB Marketing India Private Limited are Ms. Nimmi Deepak, Mr. Deepak Poulose, Mr. Cheeran Uthuppu Baby, Mr. Poulose Jose Deepak.

How is Omana Crockery shop different from other retailers:

Omana shop is a store that provides all the latest brands in the world and in the country in their respective categories under one roof. It has held its reputation for all eight decades. It is one of the few stores that sell products at a wholesale rate. The variety of products and the genuine quality check of the brands is what has helped Omana shop achieve its success. In addition, it has also helped customers to learn how each product should and could be used. This is what makes Omana shop stand apart from other crockery retailers.

Setting a perfect Example:

Being 4th generation businessman, Mr. Deepak’s inspiration and role model is and will always be his grand father, Mr. P.U. Jose. He believes that his grand father is his guardian angel who has inspired his colleagues during his time. Mr. Deepak believes that his principles of respect over money, relationships over profits is just too good to be true. His grandfather believed in long lasting business relations and maintained them by providing only quality products at the right price to each and every client irrespective how big or small, rich or poor they are. Being honest in business and being an honest business man is what he was and is what Deepak looks forward throughout his life.

Mantra for Success:

Everyone can be a wantrepreneur but being an entrepreneur is an axiom one aim to build. Being a young entrepreneur, Mr. Poulose Jose Deepak always look forward for the opportunities. He believes that if one wishes to be a successful entrepreneur in any field, he needs to be aware of the intricacies of the market. Mr. Deepak, wants to eradicate corruption from the society and increase transparency in the system. His advice for the youngsters would be to stay humble, honest and strong.

Mr. Deepak paves grave importance to relationships. His advice to youngsters is to value all kind of relationships especially in Trade. He believes that money should be at the bottom of the priority list. Focus on the needs, give the people what they need, prioritize on after sales service, take initiative and do not be afraid of making mistakes and success will follow you for sure.

JNB Foundation:

JNB Foundation is involved in philanthropic activities too. This foundation financially supports Orphanages and Charitable societies. Apart from this, they cater the needs of specially abled and provide financial aids for the needy ones in the areas of Medical, Education, Marriage, House construction.


Mr. P. U. Jose was commended with the Samman Patra (Citation) by the Central Government for being the highest tax payer from the year 1994-95 to 1998-99.
He was also conferred with a special award by the Department of Commercial Tax for his contribution to the taxation system of Kerala.

On the Plate:

Omana Shop focusses on educating the consumer on the right product over the cheaper one. The shop looks forward to introduce three more brands and open atleast three stores in every district. Mr. Poulose Jose Deepak’s elder sister, Ms. Diya Deepak is ready to set her tale over Omana shop with her innovative marketing startegies.


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