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Sharoon Shamsuddin: Roadmap for young entrepreneurs

Majority of today’s younger population aspires to be an entrepreneur one day or the other. The noise, hype, money and fame depicted by entrepreneurship are always a high-end fascination for them. Yet, only 3.6% of all businesses are owned by people under the age of 30, says a millennial survey by Bentley University.

When youth unemployment and the uncertainty of success posed by entrepreneurship are hovering, it’s of no wonder that young people are sceptical about starting a business. They are often judged for their age, inexperience and the lack of initial resources. Even when the world echoes that age is just a number, it’s certainly significant when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Yes, the deterrents of ageism exist in the world of business. But the real question to be asked is should it hinder us from pursuing our dreams?

You would declare it untrue, if you come across the inspiring journey of the young and vibrant business man, Sharoon Shamsuddin.

Sharoon Shamsuddin, the young and dynamic CEO of Sands International, is a multi-talented entrepreneur, philanthropist and a business leader. He is actively engaged in a diverse mix of industry verticals that include – Construction, Retail, Education & Entertainment, ICT, Manufacturing and Distribution – across Middle East and India. With a strong business education to back his endeavours, he is a versatile and down-to-earth businessman with a keen marketing interests towards the gods own country, Kerala. Aiming to expand his business across all verticals, Sharoon places high emphasis on building and nurturing strong human capital, which in turn enables him to strategically execute and achieve his goals. His young and perceptive business philosophies include collaborative partnerships, win-win propositions, customer focus and engagement, driven by empowered and engaged employees.

Besides landing rapid growth, huge client base and multiple acquisitions under the leadership of Sharoon, his company has garnered good reputation among the clientele, thus evincing the stature of this young gentleman.

Married to Shifa Yusuff Ali, CEO of Idea Crate Edutainment, he is blessed with two daughters.

E For E

If asked whether education is needed to become a successful entrepreneur, you can find conflicting answers. The recent trend on admiring the dropout millennials, made the younger cohort to believe that most successful business people are dropouts.

To be another Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates is what our younger generation with business fire aspires for. And obviously, to be like them the first thing to do is drop out from the college!

It’s important to understand the realistic goal of education and how it favours a businessman. For some business goals education matters and for some others education is of least purpose.

Being a thoughtful leader in the business industry, on whom every aspiring entrepreneur can look up to, Sharoon Shamsuddin sets a new definition for the business education. If combined with purposeful learning and a great vision, education can render innumerous benefits to entrepreneurs.

After completing his schooling from Layola in Pune (India), he did his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune. To accomplish a major part of global learning and exposure, he completed his Masters in Automotive Engineering from University of Sussex, United Kingdom. With a clear and noble purpose to become an entrepreneur, Sharoon honed his business skills by doing MBA from the prestigious Imperial College, London in the year of 2011.

Not to be another Mark or Steves, Sharoon inspires us to carve out our own unique personality, skills and expertise to match our business goals. His entrepreneurial success shows a business can benefit a lot from education. If done with a purpose, it’s more rewarding.

Sharoon used his multi-disciplinary learning and global outlook he gained from his education, skills and experience to formulate multiple verticals of business.

Multifaceted Businessman

Raising any business from scratch is tough. Whereas, being an entrepreneur who manages multiple streams of business under a single roof is tougher. No matter how resourceful the person is, multifaceted business demands a great deal of effort, determination and persistence.

The unflinching spirit Sharoon possessed right from the beginning of his business voyage helped him garner significant success and reputation thereby launching multiple variables of business under his leadership.

In the midst of all challenges, Sharoon Shamsuddin launched his company ISYX technologies, IT Solutions and manages Services Company in mid-2012. When the market itself was restricted and dominated by bigger players like Wipro and Infosys, launching a new company in the same arena was not easy. Rather than inventing a company that offers similar services to the customers, Sharoon focused on developing the “better and best”.

In the time when technology was considered as a tangential tool for business, a complete technological solution was inaccessible. When bigger players offered it in large scale, boutique service providers extended specialised solutions. Sharoon Shamsuddin reinvented the whole idea by offering the similar quality service of boutique service providers in an extensive scale like the large players, thus providing unique and sophisticated technological solutions.

Under his guidance, ISYX revolutionised technology transformation with a high end customer centric approach. Today ISYX has accomplished expeditious growth and is spread over GCC, East Africa and many major locations, with its operational base in India.

ISYX is a one stop technology service provider to all businesses who wants to ease their business operation using technology advancements. With a strong business philosophy, ISYX focuses on devising strategies and solutions by analysing the business concerns of customers, and thus delivering custom-built technological solutions.

Sharoon doesn’t believe in promoting the products just for the sake of business. The value-added and customer-focused services are the core base of ISYX. What makes ISYX different is its cost effective and comprehensive approach to client’s problems that ranges from business process consulting, Software development and design, implementation and support of ICT, Telecom infrastructure and application maintenance.

Although the company has shown impressive growth in the last 4 years, instead of focusing on company expansion, ISYX has been centralising its attention on Applications, IT Security and Infrastructure. As most of the companies are strengthening their security systems, ISYX sets a unique position by being the pioneers in offering technological secure solutions. Today, more than 75 percent banks in Saudi Arabia uses services of ISYX which ranges from Security Consulting, Security Deliveries, development of custom applications and other core services.

Recently, ISYX has partnered with IFS, a global enterprise software solution provider who develops and delivers enterprise software for customers around the world. By partnering with IFS, ISYX can strengthen its solutions portfolio by employing its global presence in 10 countries servicing 500+ customers thereby delivering advanced digital transformation for organisations. ISYX is looking forward to sell applications that incorporates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Field Service Management (FSM)

On the vision of bringing multiple variables of businesses under a single roof, Sharoon Shamsuddin launched a new age technology driven Distribution Company named Sans International in 2013, which focuses on goods and distribution services across GCC. Headquartered in Dubai, Sans International marked its global presence in 10 countries with over 5000+ strong customers and partners. Sands operate on multiple spectrums of business verticals like Construction, Retail, F&B, ICT, manufacturing and distribution which spreads over India and Middle East.

Sands International group was worth USD 250 million in revenue in the year of 2016. It holds business amalgamation of Information Technology, Construction & Asset Management, Retail, Food and Beverages, Manufacturing and Distribution which spans across the Middle East, Africa and India.

Sands extend its value-added distribution services to wide arena of industries such as Consumer Electronics, Information Technology and Home Appliances industry. Validated by proven 3PL partners, the company operates on SAP platform. Sands Infra build is also a part of Sands Group, which focuses on global infrastructure.

Not just limiting to an array of business ventures, Sharoon has also marked his presence in manufacturing industry to produce eco-friendly plastic products, by deploying most advanced manufacturing plants.

Business with Purpose

While tackling the intractable problem is the fundamental of every business, there is a clear purpose behind each business endeavours. For some its growth, for others it may be money and for a true businessman it’s about nurturing human resources.

Sharoon purposes his business ventures on building and nurturing a strong human capital, thereby empowering his employees and thus forming a humanistic business culture. Collaborative partnerships and win-win propositions serve as his business ideology. A firm believer in empowering his employees, Sharoon focuses on customer centric approach which has garnered huge competitive advantages for his enterprises.

Giving Back To The Country

A proud Indian, Sharoon Shamsuddin fosters strong multi-lateral ties between India and UAE. While both the countries are going through a new phase of economic growth, India and UAE turns out to be one of the strongest economic partners.

According to him, when the entrepreneurial determination of an Indian is combined with the business friendly environment of UAE,  new success stories can be defined which favours both India and UAE.

As a global businessman with Indian DNA, Sharoon Shamsuddin postulates the fact of giving back to the community, as well. A philanthropist by ideals, he has facilitated education and healthcare access for disadvantaged families in India.

Rather than shelling out money and resources for the name sake of charity, Sharoon uses his skills and resources for developing meaningful and long term social activities. His major focus is on developing various means for promoting girls’ education.  Afterall, you educate a woman, you educate a family and thus a nation.

Sharoon is also the director of several educational institutions and the Board Member of Media One Channel too.

Personal Bits & Pieces

There is more to life than working round the clock a day. Successful entrepreneurs validate the importance of outside-the-work activities. Sharoon is not an exception too.

When asked about his favourite hobby, the answer was not quite surprising – reading books. And that is obvious from the actions of this thought leader. Every successful businessman has vouched reading as their favourite hobby. Books can lighten their business jitters and equip them with knowledge required to survive in the ever-changing competitive world of business. Sharoon’s favourite author is JRR Tolkien, the man behind internationally acclaimed works such as “The Hobbit” and “The Lord Of The Rings”. Whereas, J.W. Wolterman is his favourite actor and author.

Although time is hard pressed for this lively entrepreneur, he quoted New Zealand as the destination he wanted to be. When not working, Sharoon loves spending time with his kids.

And yes, how can we miss about asking his favourite food?

Vada Pav, he said, a popular street food in India. We got to learn the lessons of simplicity from this young gentleman.

Apart from the favourites, like any other industry leader, Sharoon too possess his own share of strengths and weaknesses. He counts impatience as one of his weakness. On the flipped side, Sharoon’s indomitable determination has served him a “Never Give Up” attitude, which he carries as his greatest strength. Afterall, giving up is a word for small men, isn’t?

Awards & Achievements

Sharoon Shamsuddin has received Catalyst award for his organisation and he is also featured in multiple business ventures, thereby gaining recognition by Dubai Municipality. His one of the prime venture ISYX technologies was awarded many times for the outstanding performance and expertise of ISYX for promoting and establishing transformational technologies within short time duration.

Future Endeavours: Tallest IT Park

One of the prominent endeavours undertaken by Sharoon Shamsuddin is the tallest IT Park in Smart City. His company Sands Infra is behind the construction of this tallest IT Park in the state, which is estimated to have a build-up area of about 18 lakh square feet. It will also serve as a catalyst for new job opportunities.

He is also involved in expanding retail chain of multi brands in India. There is so much to expect from this young entrepreneur within the coming years.

As someone who has launched multiple business ventures successfully in the short span of time, Sharoon is truly an inspiration for both young and experienced entrepreneurs.

Next time, when someone says that you are too young to chase your dreams, you have an inspiring story to tell them upfront. Let your ideas have the power to democratize the whole world.


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