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Taking business consulting to a new level

Synconic Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd helps start-ups and MSMEs overcome the stumbling blocks in their journey to greater heights


– Deepika Jayaram

Umpteen questions arise when it comes to transforming one’s creative ideas into reality, for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and the start-ups. However, Synconic Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd, based in Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, provides the ways to uncover answers to the stumbling blocks that upcoming entrepreneurs might bump into, during their journey.


Synconic Solutions and Services PVT Ltd. (SSS), which has been rendering its services in IT Business Consulting, IT Enabled Services, Investment Advisory Services and Organic Farming Advisory (OFA) for the past three years, is mentored by Narayanan Ayipuzha who has more than 35 years of experience in corporate and academic worlds, as a management consultant and educator.
The leadership team includes Ronak Patel, Founder & CEO and head of OFA division; Ankit Kanodia, Founder & CFO and head of Investment Advisory division; Kartik Kamdar, Co-Founder of Business Consulting division; Anshul Khare, Chief Technology Advisor; and, Akhilesh Pathak, Founder & COO.

Belonging to a team that has members well versed in their respective fields they are practising, SSS believes that before giving advice to entrepreneurs, they make sure that they themselves have tried a hand at the same or witnessed organisational rewards and performances.

They now want to lay their focus on the business consulting division which has been operationalized from Jan’20. The Business Consulting division offers services like business assessment, digital transformation, business mentoring, operations consulting and work with start-ups in guiding them through their journey using Idea to IPO (Initial Public Offering) framework. With regards to the Idea to IPO framework, SSS first validates the idea and then initiates strategy formulation, establishes a scalable operating model which takes the start-up to its growth journey including helping it to raise the IPO.

When it comes to MSMEs, SSS has noticed that small business owners are preoccupied with day-to-day operations, instead of investing their time in growing the business. As it is the leadership team, which should be running the business, SSS ensures that they have a well-devised plan for doing it, in terms of processes and systems, thereby making the decision making proactive and enabling the business owners investing their time in growing the business.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, SSS is aiming for a hybrid engagement, which indicates the interaction with the clients could be either on online and offline platforms or completely offline. It was keeping the same thought in mind that they are coming up with a digital platform for excellence advisory titled BEx Setu (Business Excellence Setu).

COVID-19, the consequent shutting down of many work spheres and inadvertently the economy had driven people into a panicking state. Gradually, the pandemic reared its ugly head, thereby announcing that it is here to stay for a while, and people have to get themselves acclimatised with it and learn to start living with the same, if a revival of sorts has to be there when it comes to livelihood. A transition into the digital platform has become the only conducive means so as to walk the new path, whether it is through online meetings, discussions, interviews and the like. BEx Setu is Synconic Solutions’ way of dealing with the pandemic and to help the clients breathe a sigh of relief with their online consulting that would address the challenges that one faces to grow his or her business ventures. The excellence advisory online services would take the clients through a digital transformation, giving them guidance with regard to business mentoring, strategy consulting, HR & leadership transformation, process consulting and business assessment. It would reinforce that striving for excellence need not be bound by physical barriers.

So, how has COVID-19 changed their perspective in terms of providing consultation? It was a primary learning for SSS that online consulting is prevalent in different parts of the world, even before the pandemic hit, unlike in India, where it was not that prevalent. COVID-19 has led them to change gear, where their offerings could have a hybrid approach, with online consulting as well as on-premise consulting.

The business owners have also understood today that they cannot always demand personal meetings. Now, they have gotten a hang of it, as there is no other option, because of lockdowns. Even after the lifting of curbs, most of the meetings or consultations have been conducted online, and only 10 to 15 percent of our time has been spent on the client’s desk, which is unavoidable. People have realised that it is more flexible, and BEx Setu would further pave the way to be a catalyst in this regard.

BEx Setu would help alleviate fears about how to stabilise the operations of a business, and it would prepare the clients for the future. It would be an epitome of resilience amid the pandemic, striking an even stronger chord with the subscribers through their effective engagement online.


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