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Vishnu RG – RG Group is taking Kerala Global

Started in the Year 1940 by Shri M Gopalan with the brand name ‘RG’, this is one of the most top upcoming business groups in Kerala, India. RG Group conceptualizes the ideology of excellent quality products aiming 100 % customer satisfaction. We strive to achieve this by our array of experienced, proficient, committed professionals to Excel, and Enrich Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing strategies.

‘RG’, the name closely associated with edible oil (gingelly oil) has ‘Assured Quality’ as its motto. Living up to the 73-year-old tradition now blended effectively with the generation next thoughts and technologies, RG has gone into different levels of corporate services thereby yielding to all sections in business.

The brand name ‘RG’ based was started in the year 1940 by Shri M Gopalan, which is now the largest producer of Gingelly oil in the state of Kerala. Later the son of Shri M Gopalan, Shri Ramesh RG started the 3 different units of AMBIKA STORES, LEELA OIL INDUSTRIES, and GOPAL REFINERIES & OIL INDUSTRIES.

All these units which were earlier equipped with equipment of the yesteryears are now equipped with the most modern oil industry equipment. It is in this backdrop that the third generation of this family, Mr. Vishnu RG, armed with an MBA and business running in his blood, ventured into the adventure of establishing RG Group. Already bundled with experience working in major organizations like Gokulam Medical College and Hospital, Trivandrum and LifeLine Group, Abu Dhabi, Mr. Vishnu set new targets for this enterprise to achieve.

Today he has embarked into exports to the Middle East as well as European markets. Now RG has made its strong presence in the GCC countries. The company has moved very much further in machinery, quality management, and manpower. His father, Ramesh RG, Chairman, RG Group, is the ultimate decision maker of RG Group. As sesame oil is a traditional business which needs immense knowledge and experience, Mr. Ramesh is looking into the entire purchase side of RG Group.

Finance is also a sector where he has shown his expertise. Over the recent years, many new companies have emerged but his willingness and mental strength to try the new and to keep equal steps with the new generation had made him a successful businessman. His mother, Ambika Ramesh, Managing Director, RG Group, is a personality who wears many hats and her fiery passion for doing different are evident with the RG Group. Her thought process and the abilities in handling the day to day affairs and the entire production units of the RG Group had made her a unique person in between her client and employees. She has won many national awards, in 1998 she was awarded Udhyanshresta for Kerala State. She is a public figure who is more committed with charity works. She is more involved with Ayurvedic and temple clients of RG Group. The new generation has somewhat taken over and is always in the limelight with everything new and this man Mr. Vishnu RG is climbing the ladders of success and taking the RG group towards glory with his efficiency, hard work, and the willpower.
The attitude towards his employees, clients, and life are the strength that captures the eyes of the success. The Marketing team of RG in his leadership is one major turning point that has brought RG group to the present stage Vishnu did his schooling from Calicut. After that, he did his BBA and MBA from Kochi. One thing that Vishnu realized very quickly into his career is that in Kerala, the MBA model won’t fly. The way of doing business here is far different from anywhere else.

His father advised him that before joining and taking over the family business, Vishnu should understand what it is to be an employee, and have the experience of working for other companies.Vishnu took this advice and worked in Dubai for three years from 2005. Vishnu also has a three years Stint with Gokulam medical college, and a year under his belt with LLH Hospital, Abu Dhabi. By 2010, he returned to Kerala to join his father and mother in running the family business. The first six months, Vishnu found it really hard as there was nothing much to do there for him. The company had taken a certain path and were happy with the way it was moving forward. They were pioneers in wholesale business and had their own client list. Vishnu was optimistic to make something happened. He opined to his parents to venture into the retail business. Though they were not convinced of it at first, Vishnu was able to win their approval through proper communication. Vishnu always believes that communication is a must in business. Soon after, he started to expand the company in Kerala, Delhi, Mumbai with the help of units like Kudumbasree who did door delivery. Soon more distributors joined in. However, the first two years were difficult since they were new into retailing. They started a distribution network for each area. North of Kerala was easily won over.

They were number one in Calicut and other northern places. Their policy is to do the best with what they have and to stick to delivering already existing products with utmost quality and standard. His mother was in charge of the quality of the products. She never made a compromise no matter what. Vishnu soon understood that in order to be successful in retail business, he had to visit the markets personally as frequent as once a month.

Though there were many to do the research he believed in a self-analysis process. The company also made its first export to UAE in 2011. Vishnu soon understood that many products with superior quality get rejected in other countries just because the packing and design are not attractive. So they remodeled and redesigned their product and launched a flagship product called the Ramesh RG, for the gulf, and they have been successfully distributing it for the past five years through the EMKE group.

Their sales today have gone over 55% of the market share. GCC countries are not the only place they are concentrating on. Today they are retailing in many other European countries also. Vishnu aims to make his product available globally by 2020. Retailing has enabled Vishnu to grow his company multiple folds.

At present it is in 18 countries and in Kerala, the company has over 150 distributors. He has launched over 30 new products in recent times. Vishnu is married to Nila Vishnu and has two children, Vaishnavi M.V, and Aadhyathmika M.V Vishnu believes that the government will always support a company if you don’t make any compromises with the rules and regulations that they should maintain. He says that the state and central government provides with plenty of business opportunities but nobody exploits it. This is because the lack of knowledge. In his opinion one should never come into a business without proper knowledge of the model. Vishnu has a grin on his face when he speaks about an incident when he went to a Central government office in Bangalore to know what all support he can get for his business from the government.

The official was gobsmacked and remarked that he might be the first one to enquire such a thing from Kerala, where it was a usual scenario for those from other states.

Since he has taken over, Vishnu was the one to introduce a division specialized in Customer Relation Management program. Under his watchful eyes, the company also qualified for ISO 22000 and AGMARK certification. The RG group also achieved the DAC- Dubai Accreditation Center food safety management. The company has totally rebranded ever since they have gone for retail in the international market in 2011-2012.

These are some of the other services of the company at present RG Links Ltd RG links Limited is a Procurement Service Provider that has been assisting companies with their strategic sourcing requirements since last 5 years. They have offices in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India. The company has now established an effective strategic tie-up with Ms. Sanpras Ltd, a professional sourcing company based in China with the expertise to take care of all your product sourcing requirements. This enables their clients to leverage the very best in services and get more value for money. They provide services as a package deal ranging from product identification, finding the right supplier, price and terms negotiation and finalization, market research and contract finalization. They also conduct in-house factory audits, ascertaining quality, preshipment inspection, container stuffing, documentation, clearing, and forwarding. RG Link Ltd firmly believe in working alongside their customers to ensure that all their requirements are completely satisfied.

The company aims to nurture a longlasting relationship and make that investment up front, to save you time, money and effort. RG Link is the perfect link between supplier and client and you can bank on us to provide flexible, hassle free services. In brief, they are a one-stop enterprise for all your sourcing requirements. RG Marine The RG Marine is another prestigious business venture by RG Group. They strive to provide their customers with fresh, quality fish at an affordable price, while keeping the oceans healthy. As agents, they are able to provide first-hand sale of fresh fish via an open auction on Beypore.

Fish Market. Beypore is one of the leading ports in Kerala, India with a wide network of merchants, processors and cold storage facilities. Pride India Export Private Limited Pride India Export Private Limited was incorporated on 12 August 2014. It is involved in wholesale of agricultural raw material & food beverages. Awards Over the past few years, Vishnu has taken home many honors. Within the first few years of his career itself, he has made a mark of his own. Some of those awards are KSBEA’s Young Emerging Entrepreneur 2012, YCC product of the year 2015, Young Manager Award 2016 by Calicut Management Association, Young Entrepreneurs Award 2016—Rotary club of Calicut Cyber City, and many other.

Under his leadership, RG Group has grown leaps and bounds. His efficiency, hard work, willpower, attitude towards the employees, and clients all have paved way for the present stature of RG Group. Remember this name, Vishnu RG. Time will definitely take him miles ahead. Tomorrow, from this land of coconuts, from the god’s own country, will arise a businessman, who conquered the world over with his food products that are superior in quality and delightful in taste.


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