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Talk with Maria Indira, CEO of SPR Perfume Museum Mattancherry

‘A perfume museum’ is something which is not much familiar to Malayalis. Where did you get this unique concept from?

All credits to Mr Abdul Rashid, founder of SPR stores and museum. He initiated the concept by taking inspiration from the Perfume museum in France, Grand Musee de Parfum. In Kerala, a perfume museum is a novel idea, and we have seen a lot of foreign visitors.

What distinguishes a perfume museum from a perfume shop?

As you can see, there are solely product-selling perfume shops on every corner. While a museum, provides information on the creation, background, characteristics, and diverse scent varieties. Here, we place a greater emphasis on essential oils. You are welcome to try or sniff any of the approximately 630 varieties of essential oils that are described with images and samples. There is a demonstration of distillers used to make perfumes now and then.

Just why Mattancherry?

We are locals first and foremost, having grown up in the heart of Mattancherry. We opened our first perfume shop on Bazar Road 15 years ago, where we gained experience with the area and the industry for ten years. So, finding a location was never a concern. People from various communities and cultures reside here, making it a popular tourist destination. We have a wide range of clientele, just like our selection of perfumes.

You have various clients. How do you decide which option is best for each of them?

People differ, and we serve clients from different nations, groups, and states. Due to their differences, they prefer various scents. For instance, many of our Arab customers frequently select “Oodh.” It is produced here according to customer demand using raw timbers, a distiller, and fragrant dark resinous wood. Additionally, we provide a blend of various essential oils that creates a fresh smell. French perfumes are typically preferred by young clientele, whereas essential oils are preferred by foreigners since they are more natural. Muslims tend to use “athar” more.

Which product has the highest demand?

It’s a “Kerala Flower,” We offer a large selection of essential oils, as I already mentioned. Our specialty is Kerala Flower, which we export internationally in response to growing consumer demand. As opposed to common perfume or athar, essential oils have unique qualities. like “Lavender oil,” which has a lovely perfume and promotes restful sleep while lowering tension.
SPR Perfume Museum and stores have various outlets in Mattancherry and Kochi.

SPR Perfume Museum, Jew Town, Mattancherry
Founder(M.D)- Abdul Rashid


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