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How flats are safe in floods ?

The news channels have been awash with images of homes under water, but what about the impact of flooding on flats? While flat owners may think they are safe from flooding, they could in fact be at risk of what can be at best an inconvenience and at worst catastrophic destruction caused by unexpected floods.

The flats are relatively safer during such a flood situation no matter where, says a reputed builder from Kerala. With proper planning, structural analysis and efficient construction any property can be made safe.

At first glance an elevated property may appear to be protected but flooding isn’t just about water entering a property or causing damage to belongings. The apartment building itself might be susceptible to a number of issues which can have consequences for all tenants.  The impact of flood water on residents on all levels of apartment buildings can typically include:

  • Water damage to ground floor properties
  • Water damage to garages and sheds
  • Inaccessible entry and exit points
  • Disruption to utility services – gas, electricity, water and telephone supplies
  • Lift failures
  • Sewerage and drainage systems backing up

A building structure is only as strong as its foundation. A builder with quality and safety in mind will have a deep foundation of 40 to 50 meters till the hard rock underground. By utilising this hard rock foundation during construction, safety of the residents and the building is assured. The in-depth foundation provides solid structural safety.

People are advocated to not worry in such a situation if they are staying in a building provided by a respectable builder. Though natural floods can’t be stopped effectively, certain safety measures can ensure the safety of the residents.

During flood conditions, listen to your radio or TV for information, and heed any issued warnings.  If you need to evacuate your apartment in the event of a flood, disconnect all electrical appliances that are dry, move essentials to a higher floor, and remember to never walk through moving water or drive into already-flooded areas.

When it comes to apartment buildings damage to vehicles, generators etc. and other utilities on the ground floor may be unavoidable. As precaution raise lift to top floor and lock it there, disconnect electrical functions in the building while making sure to avoid damage to electrical wires. If need be replace people to other places or to higher floors.


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All stories by: Cochin Herald