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Interview with Jeny Ajith – Co – Founder and India Head UNA for Women

Could you tell us more about UNA for Women and what are the initiatives taken up by this organization in India

In January 2019, UNA for Women obtained official NGO status in Austria. It focuses on raising public awareness of women’s rights and other human rights. However, the adventure began 15 years ago when Ms. Daniela, our President, came to India for the first time to work for a charity that helped students and teenagers who were unemployed. I was able to help her with her project for women and children. Together, we undertook a number of difficult initiatives, the most significant of which was in 2004, when the tsunami altered the futures of numerous communities in Kerala.

In 2018, Ms. Daniela visited Kerala with top surgeon Dr. Mariam Vedadinejad, and their trip inspired them to dedicate their time to helping the state’s residents, particularly those in rural areas who face challenging socioeconomic conditions. women who have endured numerous forms of cultural and social prejudice in addition to becoming victims of domestic violence.

After the formal launch in 2019, we started and continued a number of cooperative activities to support women and girls, particularly those who have been left to suffer as a result of natural disasters like Tau Ka Tai that strike coastal communities.

Other pursuits comprise Providing families in Kumbalanghy with health and hygiene support during the Covid period.

Conducting motivational seminars for the deserving youngsters of these communities as part of programmes for women’s empowerment in collaboration with the SHE SHIPPING forum.
Extending self-defense classes in conjunction with SREE AGATHYA KALARI, Cochin, for the orphanages.

Special joint events for Women’s Day are organised in association with the Bike & Bullet Lady Trainers.

Now, UNA for Women is assisting Tanzania under the capable direction of Human Rights Attorney Ashura. The UNA for Women has expanded its operations to Mexico and Manila.
Since everything has gone digital, things might be much easier to communicate and coordinate but how does it happen in UNA?

We do have annual General Assembly meeting with HQ and quarterly meetings along with programme chartings for the year and related discussions. In addition to this, event-based discussions and online training programmes are also conducted. Every event is captured and recorded via Social Media platforms, UNA for Women website and facebook page.

Your role at UNA for Women and other responsibilities that you handle. Is that your greatest achievement as well?

Yes. Along with my equally important role as the Co-Founder and India Head of UNA for Women, I am also CEO of my freight forwarding company, Edelweiss Shipping, in Cochin.
This current edition of the Cochin Herald Magazine focusses on Fort Kochi so we would like to know the five major initiatives that you have taken up in this area.

Health and hygiene distribution for 63 families of Anjalithara along with the Motivational sessions for their kids.

Health and hygiene distribution & relief measures for Tau Ka tai hit area of Chellanam.

Self Defense session for orphanages in Fort Kochi.

Covid Pandemic talent hunt among the SHE SHIPPING FORUM women Team and their families.

Self defense free training sessions by SREE AGASTHYA KALARI, Cochin for the poor and needy Women & girls by certified Women trainers.

Projecting and appreciating the Star of the Month – UNA for Women rising Talents Women and Girls in various fields.

How do you work around different ethnic community women of Fort Kochi?

We do have strong support from SHE SHIPPING forum, SREE AGASTHYA Kalari and The Alumni batch of Cochin College (Pre Degree-Batch 2002), BIKE and BULLET lady trainers for streamlining all Collaborative events in Cochin put forward by UNA for Women.

What keeps you going on? What motivates you?

If you want me to put it simply, I’d say, “Action Speaks Louder Than Words.” I consider it an honour that every suggestion you have is taken into consideration, valued, and discussed, and that quick implementation is ensured and systematically recorded at our corporate headquarters. This keeps me going.


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