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Dinesh Narayan – A Leading Edge in Innovative Network Marketing

The world is full of followers and leaders who guide the way. Influential business leaders are best defined as those that have changed the world in some way through their business leadership abilities or successes, or the way in which they have changed business thinking.Dinesh Narayan is a perfect example of a good leader who has influenced others by bringing out the best in them.

Learn from Experiences:

Dinesh Narayan is the first Global Black Diamond Director within Kerala. Prior to joining Modicare, Dinesh, a native of Kunnamangalam in Kozhikode, was involved in traditional business, which unfortunately didn’t work out as expected. The loss in the business made him both emotionally and financially weak. He was looking out for better options, when his friend introduced him to the world of Multi-level Marketing. Like any other person, Dinesh too thought the idea of MLM to be a scam. But, he decided to give himself a chance and studied the whole concept of direct marketing. This boosted his confidence and he decided to join this unique business model as a Part timer. His first four years of expertise as a Network Marketer did not see any success leaps, but he got to learn many things thereby improving his knowledge. In 2007, Dinesh learnt about insurance sectors adopting network marketing business model and knowing about the privileges of MLM, he decided to join Modicare and within three years, he saw results and was able to reach the top most position of the company.

Financial Azadi to Indians:

Multi-level marketing initially started in India in 1996. Today, the sector has seen a huge growth since the onset of marketing rules and regulations. Modi group of companies was started in 1933 by Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi and soon it became a huge success at international level.  Grandson of Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi and son of KK Modi, Mr. Samir Modi introduced the concept of direct selling in India and he set up Modicare Limited, India’s first direct selling company.

A graduate of Harvard University, Samir learnt about MLM from USA and he saw that many Americans were earning a part time income through this platform. He saw direct marketing as a business that would benefit many ordinary people in India and make them economically viable. He believed that Modicare will provide Financial Azadi to the Indians. Hence, he thought of introducing this concept to India. Being a consumer rich country, he clearly knew that this business model could change the lifestyle of Indians. The venture started as a small enterprise and has since grown into an international level. The first two years were not particularly profitable. As people began to gain confidence, MLM started planting is roots in the market through Modicare. Modicare initially began with only four products and today the company is dealing in more than 400 products.

Benefits of MLM:

  • MLM shapes any person, who has a will to succeed and a mind to achieve his dreams.
  • This opportunity comes without any investment ant it creates a working culture and discipline in those who follow it.
  • It cuts down all agents, middlemen, stockiest and the huge cost of advertising.
  • The business is promoted by word of mouth, contact and by using products.
  • It is all about teamwork. One is supported by a team whenever required.
  • When you grow, you create a team of successful people along with you.
  • It is a win-win system, as one can earn a good income through hardwork.
  • MLM is a great method to deal with unemployment.
  • It provides international quality products whether purchased from India or International markets.
  • This system gives a lot of opportunity to its networkers and improves life skills such as personality development, communication and organizational skills.
  • Network Marketing has the biggest future in the world. This system will be the highest paid system in the world and there will be no limit to earnings. Modicare company is the largest in India, and the fastest growing Network company in the world. New lounging has been planned in different parts of the world and already pre-lounging have been done in London, UK.

Importance of Company Profile and Market Plan in MLM:

At the onset of its business, Modicare had a clear vision of how it will grow in India. Hence, they were ready to invest in direct selling market. Dinesh Narayan emphasizes the importance of working with the best company when it comes to Multi-level marketing. He says, while choosing for a company, one should always study its profile accurately. Dinesh says that Modicare holds a perfect product profile and market plan. The biggest feature of Modicare is its ‘return on value for money, if one is not satisfied with its quality.

Mastering the Art of MLM:

Dinesh says that in majority of the cases, people fail in business despite of having a perfect product, profile and market plan. Most of the people don’t know how to survive in MLM industry as they lack the basic business education techniques. He believes that any system requires training and proper guidance. With the motto of mentoring people towards success, Team Global Learning System was formed in 2013 by Dinesh and his partner Jishad Bucker. At Modicare, through Team Global organisation, they provide all kind of support and awareness to the team members through their NEW programmes (100% transformation guarantee programme), research materials and You Tube channels.

NEW – Network Energy Workshop is the brain child of Team Global Learning Organisation. It is a first level training module in Network business. This module is set up to teach the beginners on how to grow their business keeping in mind the method and system to be followed to be successful. Those who have attended this workshop in different levels have carved success in their life through Modicare. This strong support provided by Team Global has helped to create lot of Modicarians so far.

Willpower and Determination:

Dinesh says that some businesses grow and move at a faster pace and Multi-level marketing is one such business. At MLM, anyone can start and work smartly, without land, labor or capital. Change is one of the main reasons why so many opt for direct marketing. As per reports, India’s Direct Selling Industry has seen tremendous growth within a short period. The turnover has increased from Rs. 8,308 crore in 2015-16 to Rs. 13,080 crore.

Modicare is one company which supports maximum number of women entrepreneurs. In Modicare business, women earn high incomes, so this is a business for all including women. Almost all products are women friendly, so it is easy for them to adopt into this business. This is a great opportunity for women to come out from the routine job of housekeeping and contribute to their family according to their time and wish. All one need is determination and willpower to work hard and emerge as a winner.

Influential and Inspiring Leader:

Dinesh always keeps his team members connected and work towards the common goal of the group. He possesses an enthusiasm that drives people to accomplish unbelievable things. He recognizes the skill of modeling and the importance of setting an example for others through his own behavior. He has the ability to motivate employees, help others see and believe in a vision, and lead innovation in the company. It is these same qualities of him that employees look up to, respect, and work very hard for.

Source of Inspiration:
     “I believe in destiny, but if you have a powerful dream, that dream can change your destiny”

Dinesh Narayan too faced lot of criticisms when he decided to join MLM and Modicare. But, he chose to focus only the positive side of MLM and his belief in this start up and the hope for a fruitful future nurtured him to a successful businessman.His wife, Manju Dinesh and son Drupad Narayan supports and guides him throughout his career and stands by him in all his decisions.

Dinesh boosts his knowledge and finds his source of inspiration by attending trainings, watching videos and listening to positive messages from inspiring leaders who are successful in MLM business.

Dinesh is an ordinary person like any other. But what made him different was that, he had a dream for which he stood up and believed. He learnt the tactics of MLM much before but waited for the right company and right moment. He says he has achieved only a little and there is a long way to go.


  • Dinesh is one among the top cheque earner in Kerala and highest in India
  • He is one among the Global Black Diamond Directors in Kerala
  • He is one of the few selected members of all India special group called, SMAC (Samir Midi Advisory Council)

Business Strategies:

Dinesh handles failure with a smile. He believes that without failure, there is no success. There is a way to success in every failure. His mantra is to create many millionaires through Modicare. Modicare keeps your dream alive. Everyone can succeed if he has got a strong desire to be successful. He urges the generation to join Modicare and fulfil dreams within a short span of time.

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